Commercial Auto Insurance

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Do You Make Your Living Behind the Wheel?

Get commercial auto insurance in Miami, FL

If an employee is injured on the clock, it can be detrimental to your business. With commercial auto insurance, you can protect your business from liability concerns surrounding rental, company and work-related vehicles. PTL Insurance Associates, Inc. has several commercial vehicle insurance plans for you to choose from. Our agents will work with you to find a plan that best fits your needs.

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When do you need commercial auto insurance?

Commercial vehicle insurance is beneficial for business owners and employees. It offers protection for accidents, injuries and other liability concerns.
PTL Insurance Associates recommends signing up for commercial auto insurance if you…

  • Drive your vehicle for a ride-sharing service.
  • Run a business with company-owned vehicles.
  • Haul or tow large items with your vehicle for a fee.

You should always get your commercial vehicle insurance from a fully licensed and insured independent broker. Call us today to learn more about our plans.